Kodak EasyShare C360

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The Hypertwins

We got the camera with base at Costco for about $160. It may have been the last one they had in stock, as I didn't see any others on the shelf in the "pick up" area, and it was not listed on Costco's web site.

The Hypertwins' new C360, with decorations

Camera comes with two battery-packs: (1) NiMH and (2) Lithium. The NiMH is two AA-sized batteries taped together; they are clearly marked "rechargeable" and should be separable for charging in a normal charger. According to the instructions, the fact that we received a non-rechargeable Lithium battery pack means that we should only use the NiMH batteries; apparently the base (which does the charging) comes in either of two configurations – one for Lithium-ion and one for NiMH, and ours is the one for NiMH. We are extrapolating from the instructions that the important thing is actually not to have the Lithium battery in the camera when it goes into the dock, or Bad Things could happen. We will bring it as a spare on trips.

2007-04-20 update: At first, we couldn't get the camera to talk to Ubuntu Linux via the USB port, but this later turned out to be just a permissions problem; see Linux device management#Notes for the solution.