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Kdenlive is a non-linear video editor. It uses more or less the standard software video editing interface.

Wish List

  • Audio envelope drawing is available through a plug-in; this should be automatic, or easier to find
  • All effects should have drawable envelopes for mixing in/out
  • Mix down to track (preferably with audio/video only as an option)
  • Better diagnostics -- when video renders with no audio, there should be an error message explaining why
  • Export project to (and import project from) open format (so can move project between different editors, to the extent that their models are compatible)
    • e.g. Kdenlive and OpenShot use almost identical models, so projects should be portable between them
  • Use relative paths for media files (where possible; where not possible, offer to move them into a local working folder) so projects are more easily portable.