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This list was compiled mostly during 2006; many or most of these have probably been fixed by now.

  • In the scheduler, you can't skip payments. (Example: Harena has the monthly car insurance payment scheduled, but this month Woozle paid it. In order to make the "bill overdue!" reminder go away, Harena had to enter a payment and then delete it.) Also, if you manually enter a payment that has been scheduled, the scheduler will not recognize that the scheduled payment has happened, and the same thing will happen as above.
  • On data import (or download), will not create account aliases; e.g. if the transaction shows "A C MOORE XXXXXXXXXXXX1111" as the payee, you have to choose between using that exact name for the payee or leaving the payee blank. This should be doable either at import time or at any other time, e.g. select a group of payees and tell the software they are the same payee, and all transactions for each of those payees would be consolidated.
  • OFX importing will not work under Fedora Core 2, at present. (We have tried everything including recompiling KmyMoney and the OFX filter from source, with no luck.)
  • On import, new transactions are shown in flashing red on yellow in the main window; this is very disturbing. (Don't know if there is any way to turn this off.)
    • Flashing red seems to be because of no category on import. It's incredibly annoying and some other way of drawing attention to the lacking category would be preferred. Just showing them red is enough.
  • On import from a downloaded online banking ledger, no attempt is made to find existing transactions which match imported ones (other programs do this and mark the matching transaction as "cleared"); this reconciliation-and-marking must be done by hand.
  • Under certain conditions, transaction text will blink red, with no apparent explanation of why. There is no information in the help text either. However, one of the "daily tips" mentions the circumstances under which this happens (something about an unassigned value in a split).
  • When deleting an item from the Payee list (and probably other lists), the cursor goes back to the very top of the list. It should stay in the same place, i.e. highlight the item before or after the one deleted.
  • When viewing transactions for a given payee, should be able to right-click on one or more transactions to have them reassigned to a different payee.
  • When you have an entry highlighted/selected in the ledger, the up/down arrow keys should move the selection to previous/next entry, but they don't. (Update: this works sometimes; can't figure out why it wasn't before. Bug?)
  • In the "Split Transaction" editor, editing controls are awkward; you should be able to hit TAB to start editing a field (as in Microsoft Money), but instead you have to double-click (which took Harena some time to discover; single-clicking doesn't work).
  • If you click on a previously non-selected new record, it allows you to edit it (shows all the fields etc.), but if you have already selected the new record (via down-arrow navigation) and then click on it, it does not let you edit. You have to select a different record and then click on the new record.
  • Auto-fill in the memo fields (especially in splits) would be nice but not critical
  • The amount fields are too narrow & you can't see what you are typing in them
  • In the Enter Scheduled Transaction dialog, money amounts copied from other places often won't paste into the "Amount" field if there are extra spaces at the end. No message pops up to explain why the paste isn't working; nothing happens at all. Very frustrating if you aren't aware of the "extra spaces" issue. Better behavior would be to paste the buffer contents regardless, remove any extra invisible characters (spaces, tabs), then pop up an error saying that the data wasn't formatted correctly if there are still problems with it.
  • You can't make sub-categories when entering a new item. (You can create new categories, but nothing underneath either the new category or under an existing one.)
  • There is no way to mark transactions as VOID; you have to set the amount to $0.00, which can be confusing when you come across it later.
  • Transaction "Enter" button should be on bottom right, even if there is also one where it is now (above transaction entry fields), because this is generally where users unthinkingly look for it.
  • Moving entered transactions into a different account is not supported yet, although the authors are apparently aware that it is a needed feature – when you right-click on a transaction, there is a "move to account..." option, but if you click on that option you get a popup saying "Moving a split to a different account is not yet implemented" (even if the transaction is not a split).
  • Only saves data when the file is explicitly saved; should save automatically, at least after every transaction entry; preferably should also save state of transactions being entered. (Yes, Virginia, Linux does crash.)