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User Suggestions

  1. Show a path in Control Center windows
    • Background: Various of aspects of KDE are configured via kcontrol, a.k.a. the "Control Center" (similar to the "Control Panel" in Windows, but organized hierarchically), which is generally available from the K Menu (i.e. the default configuration for most distributions has it there, and is often also accessible from other places in the menu as well as by running kcontrol directly from the console).
    Many parts of the Control Center may also be accessed by other means, e.g.:
    • Right-click on the desktop background and select Configure Desktop...: brings up a dialog that gives access to Appearance & Themes -> Background, Desktop -> Behavior, Desktop -> Multiple Desktops, Appearance & Themes -> Screen Saver, and Peripherals -> Display, depending on which icon you choose.
    • Right-click on an application icon in the taskbar, select Panel Menu -> Configure Panel...
    Furthermore, it is not always clear that these menus are the same; many settings for the same components are hidden in different parts of the Control Center, so it is easy to get lost trying to find the place where a particular setting is adjusted (e.g. I managed to figure out how to set transparency for the multiple desktop widget once, but I haven't been able to find it again.)
    • Suggestion: Always show a path inside Control Center dialogs, regardless of whether they are invoked from within the Control Center or otherwise. For the examples given above, these would be like:
      • Configure Desktop:
        • Background: Control Center: Appearance & Themes: Background
        • Behavior: Control Center: Desktop: Behavior
        • Multiple Desktops: Control Center: Desktop: Multiple Desktops
        • Screen Saver: Control Center: Appearance & Themes: Screen Saver
        • Display: Control Center: Peripherals: Display
      • Configure Panel:
        • Layout: Control Center: Desktop: Panels
        • Taskbar: Control Center: Desktop: Taskbar