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KDE4, or version 4 of KDE, was first released in 2008; as of 2010 it remains the current major release of KDE.

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How To

  • How do you restart the taskbar?
    • If the entire Plasma desktop has crashed, then you need to restart that; see below.
    • If only the taskbar is missing (probably been closed accidentally rather than crashed), it's not clear if there's a good way to recover its exact prior configuration, but you can recreate it by right-clicking the desktop and selecting "add panel" and then adding appropriate widgets to the panel.
    • According to this, you may be able to restore the default taskbar by typing "rm ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma*" and restarting plasma.
  • How do you restart the Plasma desktop?
    • From a command prompt, run the command "plasma-desktop". To get a command prompt without a terminal, press Alt-F2.
    • Another suggestion is to type "killall plasma" and then "plasma" at a command prompt; when I tried running "plasma", however, I got a message that there was no such command. Possibly different revisions of KDE4 usa different commands?
    • Source: Ubuntu Forums