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Currently, all in-page functionality is implemented via the <igov> tag, which has the following options:

  • show: displays various information
    • show=answers: list answers for a set of criteria
      • q=(question ID)
      • u=(user ID or name)
      • name=(name of output array for each row)
      • vpage=[name of var in which to store each page name]
    • show=question: show summary and status of a given question (vote totals and statistics), and link to Special page for voting on it
      • q=(question ID)

show = question

  • default display format should show:
    • your vote
    • sum of all votes (including yours)
      • later: weighted sum based on credibility ratings
      • later: how your proxies voted
      • later: list of individual votes
      • later: voting history for this item

Implement later

  • If the tag-pair has any contents, use that as a format for displaying the data; otherwise use a default format.