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  • To delete layers
    • There are [+] and [-] buttons at the bottom of the layer-list windowlet. [-] deletes the selected layer.
    • Sometimes there will be a "Delete Current Layer" option in the right-click menu (maybe only on Windows?)
  • To round the corners of a square:
    • Method 1:
      • select the shape (with the arrow (select) tool)
      • select the "create rectangles and squares" tool (from the tool list)
      • at the top of the window, there will be controls labeled Rx and Ry. You can use the scroll wheel on those to increase rounding (starts at zero).
    • Method 2:
      • select object with the select tool, then select the second tool (node editor thingy) then pull the circle on the top right of it
  • To center an object:
    • Object > Align and Distribute

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