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This is the information kiosk for building community around HTYP and using HTYP to help nurture other communities.

Some Key Pages

  • The HTYP:Purpose Guide explains how HTYP can be used for specific purposes: businesses, government, everyday people...
  • The HTYP:Commons is for general discussion of site-related issues. Feel free to post questions, concerns, etc.
  • More information about HTYP's mission is on the HTYP:About page. HTYP's listing for itself is here.
  • Submit an Article Request, or find one you know about and write something. It doesn't have to be perfect; others can clean up your formatting, provide crosslinks, put in navbar headers, etc. – the important thing is to share knowledge.
  • HTYP has a number of RSS feeds to keep readers informed of updates.

The Management

  • HTYP is currently owned, operated, and administered by Woozle, whose contact information is here.