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GitLab's default text markup is Markdown, with some enhancements in all contexts and additional specific enhancements in the wiki.


  • Apparently cannot deal with spaces in filenames, or at least needs non-intuitive markup (%20, maybe?) to represent them.
  • There is no way to do a hierarchical link to a subpage without also naming the current page.


  • Is there any way to caption an image? (as in MW)
  • Are templates a thing? (as in MW) -- tentatively no

Features That Would Be Nice

  • Some kind of automatic table-of-contents generator
    • preferably invoked by a tag of some sort in the text so it can be placed appropriately.
      • ideally, the tag should allow specifying a mask of files to index, and there should be a "title" tag that documents could use to specify the link-text to use