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BIOS beep codes

Unless otherwise indicated, source for all known codes is Gigabyte FAQ (though that text seems to have been copied and pasted from some other source).

code meaning
1 short beep System normal
2 short beeps CMOS Error
1 long beep and 1 short beep Memory error
1 long beep and 2 short beeps Graphic card error
1 long beep and 3 short beeps AGP error
1 long beep and 9 short beeps Memory Error
Continuous long beep Memory not correctly installed
Continuous short beeps Power supply unit failed
1 short beep Memory Error
2 short beeps Memory parity check error.
3 short beeps basic memory 64K address check error
4 short beeps Real Time Clock malfunction
5 short beeps CPU error
6 short beeps Keyboard error
7 short beeps CPU interruption error
8 short beeps Graphic card error
9 short beeps Memory error
10 short beeps CMOS error
11 short beeps CPU cache memory malfunction
4 long beeps, 1 short beep this turned out to be a RAM incompatibility issue
Other events: on-board LEDs light up, fan starts up; all go off after beep sequence; sequence repeats after a few seconds
There was something wrong with the particular brand of RAM; the specs were all correct. Replacing with a supported brand solved the problem.
3 beeps, pause, 8 beeps CPU compatibility issue[1]


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