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The Connection class provides an interface to a particular database engine connection. It is similar to the Connection interface in ADO.


To connect to a database server: create a connection object, fill the needed properties, and call the Open method.

For SQLite connections, the following algorithm is used:

  • If Name is null, then a memory database is opened.
  • If Name is an absolute path, then this path is used.
  • If Name is a relative path, then:
    • If Host is null, then the database is located in the application temporary directory, which is /tmp/gambas.$UID/sqlite .
    • Otherwise, Host gives the database directory, and the database path is the result of concatenating Host and Name.

This class is creatable:

DIM hConnection AS Connection
hConnection = NEW Connection ( ) 


Properties Methods
  1. REDIRECT Template:arg/opt ) AS Result
  • Exec( Request AS String, Arguments AS
  1. REDIRECT Template:fmt/arg/opt ) AS Result
  • Find( Table AS String [ <, Request AS String, Arguments AS , ...> ] ) AS Result
  • Open() AS Boolean
  • Quote( Name AS String ) AS String
  • Rollback()