Frontier Communications

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Frontier Communications is a large telecommunications company in the United States.

In May 2009, they acquired much of Verizon's land-line phone service, generally including any internet service bundled with the phone service. This entailed much reconfiguration on the part of customers, and was not always handled well. For example, Verizon's SMTP servers stopped recognizing user authentication credentials several hours before Frontier's SMTP servers began to recognize them, leading to a span of time when Verizon/Frontier users could not send email (since outgoing SMTP to external servers has always been blocked).

Bad Behavior


On 2011-02-03, Frontier apparently changed their outgoing email configuration so that SMTP was no longer responding on port 534 as it had been previously. Using port 25 seems to work now.

As of that same day, Frontier's email settings page for NC users was still indicating that users should set their email clients to send email through and retrieve it from, which has not been correct for many months.