Fowler's Food and Wine

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Fowler's Food and Wine was a grocery store in Durham, NC. Its last day of operation was November 5, 2006.


  • official web site (this web site will probably be going away at some point, although the domain itself does not expire until 2010 and the site does have useful information posted)


The following text has been adapted or copied from text posted on the Fowler's web site, retrieved 2006-12-31.

Mission statement: "Fowler's Food and Wine will bring to the market place the highest quality foods, ingredients, enthusiasm and imagination all the while focusing on education, passion and service. Fowler's values what it contributes within its community, meeting life, the lefestyle and the individual needs of each customer."

Fowler's was a Triangle institution for just over 80 years. It started in the late 1890’s as Lee's Market, a one room full service market in downtown Chapel Hill. John Thomas Fowler bought Lee's Market in the early 1920's and operated under the original name and location for a few years; in 1925, Fowler renamed his store to Fowler's Market and operated it under that name for the remainder of its existence.

The final location of Fowler's was 112 South Duke Street in Durham, NC.

Fowler’s was the first stand alone retail food store in Chapel Hill. It was the first retail store to have an adjoining parking lot. Fowler's was the first grocer to sell such items as Dannon Yogurt, Pepperidge Farm, and Lenders Bagels in the state of North Carolina. Fowler's continued this tradition by being the first retail grocery and wine store to sell hormone-free organic Bates Farm Turkeys in the state of North Carolina.

"Fowler's does not just sell food; we carefully work with suppliers all over the world to pick the very best in quality and freshness. Our goal is to offer the perfect steak, the perfect bottle of wine, the perfect ounce of cheese, the perfect cup of coffee and the perfect balsamic vinegar. It is Fowler's desire to demystify food and wine, to educate, excite and encourage our customers about food and wine from around the world while providing excellent customer service."

"Fowler's has become famous for having the 'hard to find' items, such as Italian and French truffles to yeasts from around the world. Fowler's has also carried such American iconoclastic brands such as Colgate and Arm and Hammer; and to this day you will find Marshmallow Fluff and Coffeetime Coffee Syrup on the shelves."