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  • Purpose: stores extended data about KMyMoney transactions
  • Fields:
    • UseBank: if TRUE, set BalCalc to BalBank rather than using any prior calculations
    • UseDate: if TRUE, the bank's balance should apply after the last transaction of the day, and is not tied to a specific transaction.
      • The actual implementation of this could either be to always move the bank's balance to the last transaction of the day, or it could be to store the balance in a separate table such as fmmBankBals. This table doesn't care how it's done.
  • History:
    • 2012-02-19 designed
    • 2012-02-21 added SortBank field
    • 2012-03-03 changed Balance to BalCalc and BalBank; added UseBank.
      • Changed ID to ID_Trx and added 2nd key, ID_Acct.
      • Balances apply to a particular transaction within a particular account.
    • 2012-03-15 added auto-numbered primary key ID and KMM_* fingerprinting fields
    • 2012-03-22 decided KMM_* fingerprinting fields should be one big field (KMM_finger), so fingerprinting code can be modified to use additional fields without modifying the table design. (The original version had separate fields for kmmSplits.memo, kmmSplits.postDate, and kmmTransactions.entryDate)


<mysql>CREATE TABLE `fmmTrxacts` (

 ID_Trx     VARCHAR(32)      NOT NULL COMMENT "ID of KMM Transaction",
 ID_Acct    VARCHAR(32)      NOT NULL COMMENT "ID of KMM Account",
 WhenBank   DATETIME     DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "posting date as shown by the bank record",
 SortBank   DECIMAL(3,2) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "additional sorting to match bank order, if needed",
 BalCalc    DECIMAL(9,2) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "balance calculated after this transaction",
 BalBank    DECIMAL(9,2) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "balance according to bank after this transaction",
 UseBank    BOOL         DEFAULT 0    COMMENT "TRUE = use the bank's balance; ignore previous calculations",
 UseDate    BOOL         DEFAULT 0    COMMENT "TRUE = bank's balance is end-of-day, not specific transaction",
 KMM_finger TEXT         DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "software-generated fingerprint for corresponding KMM data", 
ENGINE = MYISAM;</mysql>