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Note: This page is about the proprietary Windows version of Eudora, not the open-source application of the same name that isn't really the same program at all. (Eventually, there should be separate pages for each of these.)

Eudora is an email client whose copyright is owned by Qualcomm. It is currently proprietary, but Qualcomm is joining forces with the Mozilla Thunderbird project to release Eudora as an open source product (originally slated for early 2007, but this seems to have slipped).

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How To

  • Importing from Eudora to Thunderbird
  • Eudora Rescue
  • Importing e-mail from Eudora into Thunderbird on Ubuntu Linux
  • Accept a certificate when Eudora keeps rejecting it:
    • Right-click on the account, select Properties
    • Select the "incoming mail" tab
    • Click the "Last SSL info" button
    • Click the "Certificate Information Manager" button
    • Look through the list of certificates for the one that isn't being accepted. It should have a skull icon. You may have to open multiple tree-levels to find it.
    • Click on the certificate, and press the "add to trusted" button.


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