Duke Autism Foundation

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From a Duke mailing list, date unknown, retrieved 2009-02-23:

Duke Autism Foundation is a new student organization at Duke this semester. It is an official friend organization of the Autism Society of America - North Carolina chapter. According to Center for Disease Control, 1 child out of every 150 children born in the United States in the year of 2008 has autism. Autism significantly impedes the child's ability to interact with people, including his or her own parents. Over 90% of them are unable to work or speak functionally. As advocates of autism awareness and treatment, it is our goal to raise fund for autism support groups such as Autism Society of North Carolina and raise autism awareness in the Duke community. The major portion of the fund raised by Duke Autism Foundation will be used as scholarship for autistic campers who will attend therapeutic but expensive summer camp programs held by Autism Society of North Carolina. We hope to recruit as many student members as possible to raise the most amount of fund as possible. This is a good opportunity to demonstrate your drive to help others and learn much about the autism epidemic.