Dual XDM6820

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The Dual XDM6820 is an in-dash CD/MP3/WMA/FM/AM player/receiver. Based on published specs, it appears to be functionally identical to the Dual XDM6825, which is typically priced $10 higher, but with a completely different front-panel layout.


X070XDM6820-f ld.jpeg


from The Hypertwins

Unlike one other in-dash CD/MP3 player I've tested, this unit does not insert gaps in between tracks on a traditional audio CD. I've been having difficulty with the radio reception, but it's probably due to the weird antenna cabling on my Nissan. --Woozle 10:39, 26 August 2006 (EDT)

When this unit was stolen last year, I eventually replaced it with a Dual XDM6400 (the XDM6820 being no longer available at Best Buy).