Charles E. Jordan High School

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Earth: United States: North Carolina: Durham: Durham Public Schools: Jordan High


Charles E. Jordan High School is a public high school (grades 9-12) in Durham, NC. It is part of the Durham Public School System.

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  • Address: 6806 Garrett Rd. / Durham, NC 27707
  • phone: 919-560-3912
  • fax: 919-493-0874

Web Site Issues

  • Exceptional Education Teachers page:
    • (2007-10-22) The individual teachers listed have links which go to nonexistent pages
    • (2007-10-22) Phyllis Harris's name is spelled incorrectly (as Phylis); her email address is Phyllis.Harris@... (not Phylis.Harris@...)
      • last checked 2007-12-18, still spelled wrong
  • Administration directory: lists names but gives no further information (no links)