Carolina Living and Learning Center

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"The Carolina Living and Learning Center (CLLC) is an integrated vocational and residential program for adults with autism located in Pittsboro, North Carolina." It is owned and operated by TEACCH. As of 2009-12-10, they have one home for 5 adults and a second home for 10 adults.

Vocational Work

From the web site:

Vocationally, the CLLC emphasizes a gardening and landscaping curriculum. In addition to the residents of the CLLC, several individuals with autism from the community participate in the vocational program. The individuals with autism work collaboratively with the staff members to build and maintain vegetable, herb and flower gardens.

Most work tasks are set up on an individual basis, where the client can work at his/her own pace. Outdoor activities include mowing, raking, weeding, planting, watering, building compost, and harvesting produce. Individuals with autism working at the CLLC also enjoy indoor activities such as making pesto or salsa, soap-making using dried herbs from the herb garden, and making potpourri.

Residents and day participants are active in preparing harvested vegetables for consumption at the CLLC, or for sale to staff members, friends, and family.


As with most group homes, Medicaid is required for funding. It is not clear whether this covers everything.