Caring Hands & Supplementary Enrichment Education

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Caring Hands & Supplementary Enrichment Education ("Caring Hands") is a mental health service provider located in Durham, NC. Their focus is providing supplementary educational opportunities ("supplementary enrichment education") when school is not in session (after hours, weekends, and holidays) for children with developmental disabilities (DD), including autism.

They are also involved with the NC Alternative Family Living program, where developmentally disabled kids go to live with a family which is prepared and trained to deal with their disability.

It is operated by Lucia Hinton and her daughter Tamikka.



This "Caring Hands" in Durham, NC should not be confused with:



All provider staff have:

  • passed criminal background checks
  • completed the Health Care Registry records check
  • received training in:
    • NCI prevention
    • First Aid/CPR
    • medication administration

Qualified Professionals

The Qualified Professional provides the clinical supervision, technical support, and ongoing training and evaluations for all of our provider staff. All Qualified Professionals at Caring Hands have:

  • A four-year degree
  • At least two years of related experience (human services, education, or social work)
  • Working knowledge of CAP-MR/DD policies and procedures, and Medicaid and other funding streams



The source for many of the details on this page was a brochure printed by Caring Hands and received on 2008-04-24.