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CareCredit is a medical credit card originally provided by GE Money but now managed by Synchrony Bank, which also allows using the card as a standard MasterCard. Individual medical service providers decide whether or not to accept the card for medical payment (which offers special terms), but providers who do accept it include dentists and veterinarians.

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Some of the following is either out of date or applies only to use of the card for medical charges.


  • Each new medical charge incurs no interest for a set amount of time.


  • The minimum payments listed in each statement are not enough to pay down new charges before they begin accruing interest. This gives users more flexibility in how they pace their payments, but also may catch them unawares when their unpaid balance suddenly starts accruing interest.


  • Their customer service appears to be a bot: User:Woozle/CareCredit
  • By default, payments seem to be applied to newer charges first -- meaning that you have to completely pay off new charges before you can resume catching up with older ones. This makes it inadvisable to make any significant new charges before you have finished paying off old ones.
  • Their "contact us" page does not offer any digital means for contact (e.g. email or webmail); only phone and TDD.
  • Their phone contact requires cardusers to enter their 16-digit account number, after at least two other layers have been passed. If you make a mistake entering this number, you can only hang up and start again -- there is no known way to back up or retry.
  • If your account has been canceled, your phone call is ended without any further discussion.
  • If your account has been canceled, the online account management portal does not seem to give any indication that this has happened. You have to call to find out why your charge didn't go through.
  • The login screen fools Firefox in some way that prevents Firefox from recording the password you enter. (It is possible to override this by manually creating a login entry in Firefox.)