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MaxCare notes

On first call, around 3:15? they were able to identify my account from just last name, city, state, zipcide, and make/model/color of car. Said they would duspatch a tow and text me the info.

20 minutes later I still hadn't received the text, so called back. Spoke to a different rep who for some reason assigned me a different tow provider and texted me the info oretty quickly. ETA originally 3:31, bumped to 3:55 (with no notice) at some poinr.

Somewhere slong the line, tow provider got changed. Called new provider who said they had a truck on the way, was on I-40. I estimated another 30 minutes, i e. 4:42.

called tow provider again at maybe 4:52? and they said maxcare had cancelled it.

called back maxcare, and this time the guy had all kinds of trpuble finding the account. he wanted a "contract number" (which i don't have on the card; i do have an "agreement number" oslt, which he emtered in but it didn't match. he had me read the VIN, which i think finally worked? i was on hd for what seemed like forever while he "transferred account information" oslt. we finished up at 5:10, and the text came almost right away this time. eta 6:10

called provider at 5:32 to confirm they had received the request -- dispatcher said it had come in mere seconds ago.

typing this while waiting in the car; saving my work...

oh, right, at some point maxcare called me back, i think it was the first rep and she called after i had spoken with the second one. i think she cancelled the first tow provider.