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BulkRegister (BR) is a domain registrar and web hosting company. They are a subsidiary of eNom, but their site remains separate from eNom's.

How To

The steps necessary in order to cancel a web hosting account on BR are non-obvious and not easily discoverable. Their trouble-ticket support provided the following instructions on 2011-08-06 (still correct as of 2011-11-11):

  1. Log into your eNom.com account, point to "Hosting" on the main menu, and then click "Manage".
  2. Click the actual name of the hosting account you wish to cancel.
  3. On the next page, click the box to the right of "Currently Viewing" and select "General Settings"
  4. Scroll down to where it says "Cancel Service" and click the link "I would like to cancel this hosting package." Confirm and enter a reason if prompted.Sincerely,