Annamaria's Pizza House

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Annamaria's Pizza House, also known as just "Annamaria's" as well as "Bat's" (after Annamaria's husband Bartholamew), was apparently the first pizza restaurant in Durham, NC. It originally opened in Annamaria's and Bat's home at 901 6th Street (now Clarendon), on the northwest corner of 6th and B streets (now Clarendon and Green), in 1958. It moved to 107 Albemarle Street some years later (probably early 1960s), where it remained until 1986.

The site is now a parking lot, probably used by Duke Press (which is located in Brightleaf Square, which owns the parking lot).


  • There was a later restaurant called Annamaria's in Durham (late 1980s / early 1990s?); that establishment was not related to this one, and reportedly the atmosphere was completely different.
  • There is also (as of 2008) an Annamaria's in Hillsborough, probably also not related (possibly related to the later Durham one), but we have no details at this time.


  • 2008-04-16 ANNAMARIA'S PIZZA: includes pictures and, in the comments, an extensive history assembled in 1996.