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Amtrak is the government-run company which owns and operates nearly all of the passenger railroad trains within the United States.

Although there has been some recent revival of interest in using the train system, due in part to rising fuel costs and the greater sustainability of rail transport, the system remains woefully inadequate for dependable transportation in most areas of the country.




A friend of ours had made reservations to travel by train from mid-state New York to Boston, MA for a gathering, and we had made a set of fairly elaborate plans in order to be able to meet her at the train station -- but then suddenly Amtrak rescheduled the arrival for 3.5 hours later, with no notice; she only found out when she was double-checking the reservation online. This is unacceptable for a modern transportation system. --Woozle 09:02, 7 April 2007 (EDT)