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The Amazon Kindle became the first widely-available consumer e-book reader device in late 2007. It was produced by as a means of selling e-books through their online store, which the device can access wirelessly. Devices currently for sale (2011) are the third generation, informally referred to as "Kindle 3".

Amazon has also released free proprietary software which emulates the device and allows users to access their content (including that which is DRM-protected) on their computers and some mobile devices. The software is not available for Linux, but runs well under WINE 1.3.23.



This page is for technical issues; see Issuepedia for ethical issues.


  • Kindle 2:
    • When you rename book files via USB connection, this does not affect how the titles are displayed on the device.
    • Putting files into folders via the USB connection also does not appear to have any effect on how the files are organized on the device (e.g. by putting those files into a "collection"); files in any sub-folders of the "Documents" folder are treated as if they were not in sub-folders at all.
    • The device refuses to charge while the USB connection is being used, and does not give any indication that it is charging when the USB connection is closed. It appears that the only way to charge it is by plugging the USB cable into the charger plug.
    • The device does not come with any kind of protective case, and it is relatively easy to break the screen. The retail box might make a usable case except for the lack of finger-slots around the recess into which the device fits, making it difficult to remove the device from the case without dropping it.