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The Quick Way

The quickest way to put up new information of any sort, especially if you're not sure where to put it or how to format it, is just to post it on a talk page (click on the "discussion" tab at the top); pretty much any page will do. If possible, leave (or send) an email address, or sign up for an account (we can contact you through that) before editing, but it's not required.

If all you want to do is add a link, you can add it at the top of the list on the To Be Reviewed page.

Creating new pages

All of these steps are more or less optional, as anything which gets left out can be taken care of later by someone else. These are, however, the steps we generally follow when adding new pages of these particular types.

Adding a Country

  1. Go to the Earth page and list the country there (in alphabetical order). When you save the page, the link will show up in red, and you can click on it to start editing.
  2. Use the "country" template at the top of your new page: {{country:Nowherelandia}} produces a title navbar with a link back to Earth and also adds your country to the Countries category.
  3. Since the page is new, put a {{seed}} marker just after the "country" navbar. This adds your page to the Seeds category and puts a notice at the top of the page to let readers know that the page is just starting out
  4. Other helpful things which can be done include:.
    • Check Wikipedia and Wikitravel to see if they already have pages about your country (they probably do); if so, put in a Reference section with links to those pages (you can use templates for the links, like this: {{Wikipedia|Nowherelandia}} and {{Wikitravel|Nowherelandia}} – but make sure the pages exist, and get the correct article titles).
    • Find out the names of neighboring countries, and put in a "Next to:" section at the top, with links to those countries (whether or not they have pages).
    • Create a "Towns:" listing for major cities within the country

Adding a Town/City

Assuming there is already a page for the country in which the town lives:

  1. If there isn't a page for the country in which the town lives, you can either create that page too, or just put in a link from your town page (note to self: need to create a generic {{town}} to do this automatically)

to be finished at a later date