AT&T 1719 Digital Answering System

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consumer: electronics: AT&T 1719 Digital Answering System


The AT&T 1719 Digital Answering System is a low-cost answering machine with digital message storage. It does not have any kind of port for connection to a computer.

The instructions for resetting the clock after a power failure are embossed on the bottom of the unit; in short, hold the "clock" button and listen to the voice prompts. Press "clock" again when done with each setting.

Remote Access Code

The instructions do not explain how to determine the device's remote access security code (PIN); in response to a query, AT&T explained the procedure thusly:

  1. To enter the Feature Setup mode, press and hold [SETUP] until the system announces, “Number of rings is…”
  2. Press and release [SETUP] until the system announces the feature you want to set.
  3. Press and release [ANNC/SKIP] or [MEMO/REPEAT] until the system announces the setting you want.
  4. Press and release [SETUP] to set up the next feature listed on the feature summary or press and release [PLAY/STOP] to exit feature setup. The new settings will be saved.
  5. After you have selected the feature options, you can review the settings by pressing and releasing [SETUP].


  • Manual (HTML page with a PDF link)