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This was the source of a mysterious telemarketing call in which we couldn't understand any of the crucial details -- what was being sold, how to buy it, or the URL of the web site mentioned. A brief search on the web turned up one reference (2005-03-13), with some tentative evidence that the caller was Virgin Mobile. Since I (unlike the referenced blogger) do have a Virgin Mobile account, this is plausible. If it is Virgin Mobile, and they have been calling others without permission, then this is a black mark on their otherwise pretty reasonable record. --Woozle 09:20, 29 Jun 2005 (CDT)


I have just received two calls from this number, both of which went to my voicemail. The first message was 120 seconds of silence. The second call came just minutes after the first, leaving a 29 second pre-recorded message from a candidate for Columbus (Ohio) City Council asking for my vote on November 8th. --Dan 13:50, 7 Nov 2005 (EST)


Upon Google searching this number, I stumbled upon a website that purports to have "all the info you need, but re-directs to a "Paid Surveys Online" site. Looks like they are trying to get you any way they can... Here is the link:


I have recieved non stop slient calls from this number for the past several years!! \ The house phone has never had a dull moment, (totally great...)at even odd hours of the night. Thanks for the consecutive calls 866.. blah blah - blah blah


these guys have been calling my home phone a lot recently but I always let it go to voicemail. today, I decided to answer and it was just silence.... they call several times a day??


It was Toys-R-US Birthday club calling my son, according to a VM message I got today!


It was Toys-R-US Birthday club calling my son, according to a VM message I got today!


This number keeps calling my cell phone several times a week. On the occasion that I do answer it there is just silence.


I got a call from this number today. Just silence. Random.