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Nothing definitive is known about the owner of this number. Google search returned no matches on 2006-09-23.


  • 2006-09-23 This number was on a piece of paper addressed to Harena, apparently from someone named Ron Cassel, inside an envelope also (hand) addressed to Harena, saying "URGENT!! REQUIRES CALL BACK ... Please call me regarding the courthouse retrieval of your mortgage that was filed on ________. This is very urgent Please call me ASAP toll free at..."
      • New information 1/7/2008*** I received a little piece of paper with similar information as above. I called the number and it is Palmetto Mortgage Company. They research court records and find people with adjustable rate mortgages and then send them this letter. They want to offer you a fixed conventional loan. The guy told me that it has helped so many people because a lot of them don't even realize they have an adjustable rate. I'm all for someone trying to help, but I told him that it scared me to death and he should go about it a different way.