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800-317-9470 appears to be the toll-free phone number of the Central Equity Group in Cornelius, NC.



We received two different postcards, each saying "I have been trying to contact you, please call me at no charge 800-317-9470 / Congratulations from [name]" (with name being Harry Johnson on one card and Ellen Cross on the other), which both arrived on 2005-11-07 and were both addressed to a long-deceased former owner of our house. Aside from being somewhat sloppy, it is also very wasteful in that they are sending two essentially identical cards (the font was slightly different on each address label) to the same person at the same address. Also, we have no evidence that anyone from Central Equity has been trying to contact anyone at this address, other than those postcards. It is also very annoying that the cards give no clue as to why they want to contact the long-deceased former owner of our house. (We certainly aren't going to call them back without more information.)

Rating: Avoid

--Woozle 15:57, 7 November 2005 (EST)