1997 Dodge Caravan

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Radio Wiring

These colors apparently apply for 1996-2002 year models:

power / control
red / white +12 accessory activation
pink +12 battery (always on)
orange "panel lamps driver" – not sure what this does
yellow / black "step dim switch signal" – not sure what this does
brown / red LEFT FRONT -
dark green LEFT FRONT +
brown / yellow LEFT BACK -
brown / light blue2 LEFT BACK +
dark blue / white RIGHT BACK -
dark blue / orange2 RIGHT BACK +
dark blue / red2 RIGHT FRONT -
violet RIGHT FRONT +
  • 1arbitrarily asssigning "positive"
  • 2 note similarity of colors
    • "brown / light blue" is light blue stripe on brown

Stripe color is underlined, where it is known which is the stripe and which is the background


from The Hypertwins:

  • Apparently the engine used in this model is prone to developing a worn head gasket, which causes smoking from the tailpipe and a tendency for the engine to make clicking "sewing machine" noises
  • The AC/vent fan tends to switch off when the transmission is shifted into reverse