1987 Nissan Maxima/wiring/radio

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The following is (currently) based on the wiring of my station wagonafter I had done some custom modifications (the notes for which I currently can't find) to retrofit a standard CD/radio into the dashboard, and also after the CD/radio was stolen (ripping out some of the wiring then in place)... so it's not quite standard, but the wiring colors should at least match up where the connectors have been replaced. Please feel free to update or expand this with information taken from other vehicles of this make/year/model. –Woozle


There are several parts to the wiring, all of which (I think) normally plug directly into the back of the factory Nissan radio/cassette player.

speaker outs

The Crutchfield adapter brings the connections out with these colors (stripes are black):

white left front
white + black
grey left back
grey + black
green right front
green + black
cyan right back
cyan + black

"cyan" should probably be "cyan and violet"

power and control 1

-1- -2- -4- --- ---
-3- --- -5- --- ---
2 red / white HEADLIGHT indicator (dimmer)
3 black GROUND
4 red / green stripe BATTERY (always on)
5 green / white stripe / red dots no idea

power and control 2

I ended up cutting off one of these connectors and putting quick-disconnects on the wires.

Remaining blue connector (left to right, with latch on top):

  • pink / red dots - no idea
  • red / white stripe - no idea

Loose wires:

  • yellow / red dots - probably antenna half-mast control
  • orange / blue stripe / red dots - antenna activation


Crutchfield's adapter kit for the Nissan includes an adapter for this cable. It's not a perfect solution, however.

EQ connectors

If you're wanting to use the EQ with a 3rd-party player unit, you'll need to find one which has a preamp out/in, which doesn't seem to be widely available (at least not on low-$-end models). The connectors are male 1/2" DIN connectors; you can buy matching sockets from Digi-Key. Note to self: find part numbers.

DIN-7 old radio
1 right out
2 ground
3 left out
4 ground
5 left in
6 no connection
7 right in
DIN-6 speakers out
1 front - right
2 +B
3 rear - right
4 front - left
5 rear - left
6 ground