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This article is about tools, materials and methods for ecologically/environmentally-friendly living anywhere on Earth.

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  • Appropedia: Poverty reduction through international development, and increasing sustainability through the use of appropriate technology
    • use [[appropedia:page name]] for links to this site
  • EarthWorks: reducing solid waste and mining activity by recycling technology
  • Openworld's "mission is to help poor communities awaken assets for grassroots benefit, on a scalable, self-funding and replicable basis." It's not quite clear what they specifically mean by "awaken assets" and "help".
  • "an analytical approach to solving the sustainability problem"
  • TreeHugger: sustainability news outlet


Eco-friendly Housing


  • chanceXchange: free trading of unwanted items
    • this would seem to be usable anywhere on Earth, but in practice may be restricted