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SoX, the Sound eXchange program, is a general command line utility for processing, playing, and recording audio.

For single input files, it can:

  • perform basic editing
  • apply effects
  • return information (via SoXI)

For multiple input files, it can be used to:

  • mix them together
  • concatenate them serially
  • use one to effect another


  • SoXI: the Sound eXchange Information utility


The documentation for bitrate and channels seems to be slightly wrong. If you use the -c or -r options before the first filename, that's treated as an expectation of the input file's format. If you want the output file to use a different number of channels or bitrate than the input file does, you need to use the channels or rate options after the output file.


sox <input filespec> <output filespec> rate 44100 channels 2

(Actually, I'm not sure whether it's using the fully-spelled version or the placement that makes the difference; experimentation needed.)

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