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I was extremely annoyed by this site because although they seem to have an excellent selection of music, they won't tell you what's actually playing. They show the album cover for each track, but you have to click on that (and make sure you turn off popup-blocking) to find out the artist and album name, and there's no indication of which track on the album is the actual one you're listening to. And of course if you're unable to do this while the song is playing (e.g. listening while doing dishes or something) and the track finishes, there is simply no way to find out what you were just listening to. On top of that, the graphics in the player don't seem to be working right; any icon I press brings up a graphic with two buttons and no text; pressing the left button invites me to "join", and pressing the right button brings back the original display.

Great concept, but serious annoyances in the execution. --Woozle 17:09, 8 March 2007 (EST)