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i-wireless is a company providing prepaid cell phone service in the United States. Their phones are currently (2009-03) available at Kroger stores.


  • /TOS: terms of service, copied from the small window where they appear when you sign up


  • Can't top off through web site after your minutes expire
  • No apparent way to check your balance from the phone
  • No email notification when your balance is low or about to expire


  • web site: there are a number of sloppy aspects of this site; e.g. there is a pop-up window to select accessories for your phone, but none of the accessories seem to be available.


Initially (for the first few weeks we had the phone), none of the web features were accessible; when we checked a couple of months later (just now, actually), they had started working (somewhat erratically). --Woozle 19:17, 24 July 2009 (EDT)