Zwicker and Associates

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Zwicker and Associates P.C. is a law firm in Andover, MA specializing in debt collection. Their clients include Chase Bank USA and possibly (from the circumstantial evidence of the "AMEX Secure File Access" link on their access portal) American Express.


  • Address: 100 River Rd / Andover, MA 01810-1030
    • A letter sent to this address in May, 2010 was returned as undeliverable.
    • Addresses listed for whois as of 2010-06-14:
      • 800 Fedrial St / ANDOVER, MA 01810-1141
      • 80 MINUTEMAN RD / ANDOVER, MA 01810-1141
    • Letters received on 2010-12-19 had these return addresses:
      • 80 Minuteman Rd. / Andover, MA 01810-1008 ("Please send all payments and correspondence" to this address)
      • PO Box 101145 / Birmingham, AL 35210-6145 ("FOR POST OFFICE USE ONLY")
  • Phone: