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Handango is a software publisher. They appear to handle the Palm OS versions of many of PopCap's games.



From Harena, posted by Woozle 16:43, 24 May 2005 (EDT):

Webmail from Harena to Handango

Customer (Customer customer) 05/22/2005 10:36 AM

Product Level 1: Windows Mobile PocketPC
Category Level 1: Registration
Date Created: 05/22/2005 10:36 AM
Last Updated: 05/24/2005 02:46 PM
Status: Waiting
Order Ref. Number: 8509201

Clicked the link in the purchase email, used the "Get password" link (to get my password, since it was my first time), entered "handangospam@spamhypertwinsspam.spamorg" for my email address, and got this message: "Customer with such e-mail not found. Please enter e-mail address that is indicated in your purchase order"

So, how do I get my password to complete the registration process?



Response from Handango

(Noah) 05/24/2005 02:46 PM
Dear Customer,
To resolve your issue, I need a better description of the problem you are encountering. Please be more specific in your description and include as many details as possible, including product you are having trouble with, operating system you are using, Internet browser, etc.

Harena's Reaction

WTF?? What else is there to describe? They have the product number because they asked for it on the web form. Why would they need to know operating system?? Browser maybe, but "Noah" should have said something about how their forms don't work for all browsers, or how he was unable to replicate the problem. This is the kind of customer service that makes me want to REPLY IN ALL CAPS.