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This is HTYP's policy regarding advertising and sponsored content.

No advertising

...Or should that be "free advertising"?

  • We do permit (and encourage) content about businesses, organizations, but all submitted content will be reviewed for relevance and accuracy, with the aim of avoiding the sort of hyperbolic and exclamatory language typically found in advertising (except within attributed quotes). (This is not, however, a promise or guarantee of accuracy; please see HTYP:General disclaimer.)
    • Other categories of advertisers may also be welcome on HTYP:
      • causes might fit better within Issuepedia, though pages relating to practical details (contact info, meetings, events, etc.) are certainly appropriate for HTYP
      • political campaigns: See "causes", above
      • anything else?
  • We also allow and encourage individuals who interact with those commercial endeavors to report in detail on their experiences, and to feel free to say what they think (see HTYP:Purpose Guide). Whatever you want to call the result, it is definitely "free", as all content is freely hosted and freely available (and may even be freely copied and redistributed), and helps to support free speech.
  • Claims and opinions must be clearly marked as such. Much "advertising" contains useful, factual information, and HTYP encourages the posting of useful, descriptive content of any kind; the useful parts of advertising are, therefore, encouraged.

No sponsored content

We will not be including sponsored content, including sponsored links, within If content belongs in a certain place, then it should go there free of charge; if it doesn't belong there, then it shouldn't be there.

We may later decide to develop an advertising-supported site using HTYP's contents, but HTYP (dot org) will always be available in its present form. (Hopefully no commercial site will be necessary.)