Durham Police Department

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Earth: United States: North Carolina: Durham: Durham Police Department

This article is about the police department in Durham, NC. For other organizations with the same name, see Durham Police Department (disambiguation).


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  • from The Hypertwins:
    • Easiest way to report crimes not in progress is to call the non-emergency phone number: 560-4601. It is actually easier for them to get an officer to come out to your location from their pool of officers on patrol than it is to find an available officer to take a report at the downtown headquarters or a precinct station.
    • They have someone (an officer?) specifically dedicated to proactively preventing crime by helping citizens with lighting, security, neighborhood watches, and so on. The number for that person in District 3 is 560-4337 (560-4827 fax) (is this the same as this? The numbers don't match...)
    • The officer we spoke with on 2007-08-08 was very enthusiastic that we should call to report even minor events like glove-box openings, as they might provide opportunity to get fingerprints.



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