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Mastodon is web server software which provides a user interface to the OStatus and ActivityPub fediverses. It is written primarily in Ruby and JavaScript; Eugen Rochko is the creator and primary maintainer. The official code repository is on GitHub.

ActivityPub support was introduced in version 1.6, with the intention of making it Mastodon's primary communication protocol.

It also makes use of WebSub but I haven't found an explanation of how this fits in. -- Woozle

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posts about


service providers

Managed hosting for Mastodon instances:



tools: web

  • Nerdpanel: reads your Mastodon posts and lets you search them; does not store anything on a server

tools: code

  • Python wrapper for Mastodon API
  • Mastodon Tools: PHP code that interfaces with Mastodon in various ways
  • Halcyon: a PHP client for Mastodon, and related stuff
  • SupportBot: "A framework for making social media bots for multiple networks" written in Python
  • Mastodon Bridge: cross-correlates your Twitter and Mastodon account, and shows commonality (only for users who have used the same tool)
  • mastodon-backup: "Archive your statuses, favorites and media using the Mastodon API (i.e. login required)"


Wish list:

  • a way to set up auto-replies filtered by instance [1]
  • where X is a set of users chosen by user Y, collect stats about users who follow them or are followed by them (e.g. list users who follow a lot of them or are followed by a lot of them, possibly for autoblocking) and make those stats available to user Y.

Other stuff: