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Google+ is a social network created by Google.





databases / tools

  • All my +: post database, searchable by date and other things
  • CircleCount: has considerable historical data, including follower counts by date
    • example: ID?period=all&type=followers
  • Google+ Suomi
    • format: ID
  • Google+ Statistics site now seems to be Twitter stats only (2013-12-21)
  • GPlusData: search users by employer, interests, other keywords
    • Information seems to be limited to the most popular users only.
  • Topsy doesn't seem to do G+ anymore
  • PlusClout: calculates each user's clout overall and in several categories
    • format: ID
    • 2013-12-21 Could not connect to server. Has this site been discontinued?
    • 2014-06-20 Home page shows "you do not have permission to access / on this server". so probably.
  • unofficial Google+ Recommended Users lists
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