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{{seed}}{{US Instate|The Triad|North Carolina|NC}}
*'''Contains:''' {{townlink|Greensboro|NC}}, {{townlink|High Point|NC}}, {{townlink|Winston-Salem|NC}}
{{#lst:North Carolina|navbar}}: {{instate|the Triad|NC}}
*'''Near to:''' [[The Triangle, NC|The Triangle]]
*'''Contains:''' {{instate|Greensboro|NC}}, {{instate|High Point|NC}}, {{instate|Winston-Salem|NC}}
*'''Near to:''' {{instate|the Triangle|NC}}
* [http://www.fairwayoutdoor.com/Markets/piedmonttrian.html Fairway Outdoor]: roadside billboards
* [http://www.fairwayoutdoor.com/Markets/piedmonttrian.html Fairway Outdoor]: roadside billboards

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{{#lst:North Carolina|navbar}}: the Triad

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  • YES! Weekly (launched 2005-01-05): "free weekly alternative newspaper focus[ing] on the cultural, political and artistic aspects of the Triad"