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* [[Wikipedia:Myers-Briggs Type Indicator|Myers-Briggs Type Indicator]]
* [[Wikipedia:Myers-Briggs Type Indicator|Myers-Briggs Type Indicator]]
* ''see also [[Wikipedia:Category:Psychological tests]]''
* ''see also [[Wikipedia:Category:Psychological tests]]''
* '''online tests''':
** [http://www.personaldna.com/ Personal DNA]

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I am hereby sorting Psychology into two major areas (there may be others):

  • Introspective Psychology is concerned with introspection as an analytical tool, with thoughts and ideas, and with the nature of the mind
  • Behavioral Psychology studies external behavior rather than inner mental states, and often involves detailed statistical analysis; the mind as machine


Local Articles


  • Hyperacusis: "an inability to tolerate everyday sounds"

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Tests and scales for evaluating psychological traits: