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  • Fields:
    • WhenVoid: timestamp for when this line was voided. If NULL, the line is active; otherwise, it should be ignored for most purposes (it may be displayed with a strikeout or other indication that it is inactive, but should not be included at all on customer-side output).
  • History:
    • 2010-01-29 Adapted from MS Access version
    • 2010-02-10 "Date" is a keyword, which messes things up, so changing "Date" field to LineDate
    • 2010-02-11 Rate field can now be NULL -- some invoice lines are just flat amounts
    • 2010-07-14 Decided Notes field was necessary here so I can make notes if there are differences between the invoice and the original session record
    • 2011-12-01 Added WhenVoid field


<mysql>DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `invc_line`; CREATE TABLE `invc_line` (

 `ID`         INT(4)           NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
 `ID_Invc`    INT(4)           NOT NULL COMMENT "Invoice to which this line belongs",
 `Seq`        INT(4)           NOT NULL COMMENT "order in which this line was presented/added",
 `LineDate`   DATETIME         NOT NULL COMMENT "date which applies to this line",
 `WhenVoid`   DATETIME     DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "timestamp for when this line was voided",
 `What`       TEXT             NOT NULL COMMENT "what was done (may be text from several sessions combined)",
 `Qty`        FLOAT        DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "(optional) quantity of billable units",
 `Unit`       VARCHAR(31)  DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "(optional) description of unit -- typically 'hours'",
 `Rate`       DECIMAL(9,2) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "$ per unit",
 `CostLine`   DECIMAL(9,2)     NOT NULL COMMENT "$ for this line",
 `CostBal`    DECIMAL(9,2)     NOT NULL COMMENT "$ total after this line is added",
 `Notes`      VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "human-entered notes",

) ENGINE=MyISAM;</mysql>