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WorkFerret (WF) is an application for tracking billable work done for different clients, generating invoices, and recording payments. It is essentially a special-purpose accounts receivable.


WF was originally written in MS Access 97, and ported to PHP as a MediaWiki extension sometime around 2005-2010. The code was first posted on GitHub in May 2015 (see #Links). As of 2017 I am porting it as a Ferreteria drop-in module.


  • Ways of entering work done:
    • Stopwatch for timing a work session
    • Manually correct start/stop times
    • Manually enter adjustments to work session total (add or subtract)
      • e.g. to allow for distractions (minus), or forgetting to start the clock at first (plus)
    • Manually enter start or stop times
    • Manually enter total time in session
    • Manually enter flat amount to charge
  • Allows different hourly rates
    • Keeps track of which rates are used for which clients (with client-specific description)
    • Global rates also listed for all clients
  • Invoice generation
    • keeps track of which sessions have been invoiced to prevent double-billing for a session
    • automatically totals session costs, doing whatever math is needed
    • formats as HTML table (copy/paste into word processor document with letterhead)


  • Generate complete invoice (currently requires existing document to use as a template, copy/paste data from browser into doc)
  • Sync with payments in FinanceFerret (using a pre-designated category or equity account)