West Ellerbe Creek Trail

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West Ellerbe Creek Trail is a bicycle/pedestrian trail in Durham, NC that currently runs from Indian Trail Park (off Albany Street near the eastern edge of Hillandale Golf Course) east-northeast along the western portion of Ellerbe Creek to intersect with Stadium Drive Trail.

I-85 tunnel

A highlight of the trail is the tunnel under I-85 between Guess Road and the North Pointe Shopping Mall. Although the tunnel itself was build in the twenty-aughts, the trail did not open until 2018. Here's what happened:

  • Right-of-way along Ellerbe Creek northeast of the tunnel was donated in the 1990s by the shopping centers on its east side.
  • The tunnel itself was built during the remodeling of I-85 sometime between 2003 and 2009 (circa 2005, but not sure of exact year).
  • The trail's design phase was complete by 2010-07-15, but no funding for construction was available.
  • By the time construction funding was first available, the course of the stream had shifted so that the planned path route caused environmental issues and had to be re-planned.
    • New (as of 2014) water-quality rules were also a barrier to construction.
  • A new route was designed, construction funding was obtained, and the section was open by 2018-03-04.


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