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I apparently designed this and its "types" table (ord_change_type, now renamed to ord_hold_type) sometime in 2008, but didn't document them; a note on the former ord_change_type page dated 2008-12-27 said "Are we actually using this, or is it part of the future online ordering system redesign?"

As of 2009-07, though, it has become clear that a general order log seems necessary for the following reasons:

  • To replace the ord_pull table
  • To make it unnecessary to track user details inside other order-related records
  • To keep an automatic record of all changes made to an order and any significant processing events

The system implemented here of defining event types which may or may not block certain things seems compatible with this goal, and we mainly just needed to add fields for user-tracking.

History Details

  • 2009-07-12
    • Preliminary documentation
    • Added isActive field (was in ord_change_type, didn't belong there)
    • Added VbzUser and Machine fields
    • Renamed to singular form
  • 2009-10-18
    • Replaced isActive field with do* fields
    • Added SysUser, for consistency with other event log tables
    • Renamed from ord_event to ord_change; using ord_event for stateless/internal events


  • 2017-06-02 It looks like the non-pull(hold)-related needs here may have been addressed by creating the EventPlex system.