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  • Purpose: for recording the information necessary to get paid by credit/debit cards
  • Fields:
    • if WhenInvalid is NOT NULL, then this number has been permanently destroyed/deactivated; any use of this number is therefore suspicious. Date is the earliest date it was known to be bad. Overrides isActive.
    • Address may be no longer necessary, except for handling legacy data
  • History:
    • 2009-07-09 moved to separate wiki page; no design changes
    • 2009-10-07
    • 2011-11-22 added WhenEnt and WhenUpd fields
      • removed CryptAddr, renamed CryptCard as Encrypted
      • added ID_Name
  • Future:
    • Address should go away, probably without any need to verify that ID_Addr agrees with it
    • Records with OwnerName need to have ID_Name set, and then the OwnerName field can be removed
    • isActive should eventually go away; probably the best thing is to wait until all isActive=FALSE cards have expired (end of Feb 2010), then set WhenInvalid to each card's expiry date.


<mysql>CREATE TABLE `cust_cards` (

 `WhenEnt`    DATETIME     NOT NULL COMMENT "date when record was first created",
 `WhenUpd`    DATETIME DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "date when record was last updated",
 `Name`       VARCHAR(31) COMMENT "human-assigned name for this card",
 `ID_Cust`    INT COMMENT "core_custs.ID",
 `ID_Name`    INT COMMENT "cust_names.ID",
 `ID_Addr`    INT COMMENT "cust_addrs.ID of card's billing address",
 `CardNum`    VARCHAR(31) COMMENT "charge card number",
 `CardExp`    DATE COMMENT "expiration date",
 `OwnerName`  VARCHAR(127) COMMENT "cardholder name, as it appears on card",
 `Address`    VARCHAR(255) COMMENT "text of address, for redundancy",
 `Encrypted`  VARCHAR(127) COMMENT "encrypted card number, CVV, expiration",
 `isActive`   BOOL DEFAULT FALSE COMMENT "FALSE = don't use this number",
 `WhenInvalid` DATETIME DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "deactivation timestamp",
 `Notes`      VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "human-entered notes about this card",

) ENGINE = MYISAM;</mysql>